Lazyrolling Level 2 Motorcycle Certified Hoodie & Jacket Pads

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Lazyrolling's most comfortable safety pads designed exclusively for their 2021 line of armored hoodies and jackets. Soft while wearing, they become instantly hard upon impact and are certified for motorcycle riding. One size fits everything from XXS - XXXL so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues!

**NOTE: These pads WILL NOT fit older versions of the Lazyrolling hoodies and jackets, only the 2021 versions.**

One set contains 2 elbow pads, 2 shoulder pads and 1 back protector. Lazyrolling Level 2 pads are certified Level CE 2 and rated EN:1621-1: 2012

To insert your pads be sure to turn your hoodie or jacket inside out. See video below for detailed instructions.


Customer Reviews

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Greg Marston
Great little store

Lucus was great to deal with. He give a nice display on an S18. Very motivating. Now I need some work done on my S18 and they won’t look at it because I didn’t purchase it there. I bought it used. The previous owner did buy it at eevee’s.
I’m ready for a new wheel and I’ll see who helps me out with my S 18

Excellent Pads

I have these pads in my Lazyrolling soft hoodie and they are great. Not only do they protect you more than the level one pads but they are more flexible, making them more comfortable in the hoodie to wear. Highly recommend these if you are in the market for a Lazyrolling jacket/hoodie

Jimmy D
I ordered the pads only.

They’re comfortable and form fitting. I made pockets for them. then sewed them in my own jacket.