Begode Master Samsung 50E 3rd Gen

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Begode Master Samsung 50E 3rd Gen

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Top Speed
80 km/h
Real Range
40-60 km
2400Wh @ 134V
Water Rating
Air Suspension

Torque tuned racing beast to shred the streets, the tracks and trails. 

The Begode Master is pushing limits to the extremes that everyone had, until now, thought only to be fantasy. The first 134.4 volt EUC to hit the market, the Master combines high end power with 80mm (3inches) of vertical travel suspension and true high end speed.

The secret to the Master is the massive 3500W motor in a relatively small package at only 79lbs. This gives you instant acceleration and incredible top speeds (up to 80 km/h) without the weight of a super sized wheel underfoot. A long-time favourite of circuit racers, it’s time to see if your city can hold up to all the Master offers.

For a $50 setup & package recycling fee we will fully assemble your Master so you can ride it straight out the door!

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Product specifications

Weight limit
Turn signals
Battery cells
Samsung 50E
10hrs @ 3A
Dual charge ports
Peak power
Max grade








20" x 3"
Rim Size
Pedal type
Pedal size
11.3" x 5.2"
Lift switch
25" x 22" x 13"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
John Ashton
So far so good....but

I hate the air shock. I have to pump it up before each ride which is a nuisance. I plan to upgrade to a coil next year. Aside from that I'm easy to please. I came from a T3 so this was like trading in a Chevette and jumping into a Caddy. Everything was a massive improvement. For my needs, the Master has more than enough speed and range. The added weight was a bit of a shocker, but I'm getting used to it. Almost get a 1000 kms on it now. No regrets yet.

Excellent wheel

Fun, nimble and sporty. Great purchase!

Sylvain Cote
Begode Master V3 is an awesome wheel !!!!

This is my first EUC ever !! I did ride a lot on my e-scooters for the last 3 years, 6,000+ km (Kaabo Mantis Pro SE and Kaabo Mantis King GT). Now I wanted to know more about that EUC ride "feeling" that every one is talking about. OMG it's awesome !!!! The first two evenings, I learned to ride the Master in my garage, around my side-by-side to support my balance. On the third evening, I tried going straight for 50 feet and came back. On the forth day, I tried riding on my lawn. It was bumpy and unstable but it taught me to ride on a rough terrain. Later that evening, I was confident enough to hit the streets in my neighborhood and it was a lot easier than the lawn.... And now, one and an half week later, I've reached 195 km riding in bike paths. I must say that learning straight on the Begode Master was not that easy. But I'm very happy I did and now I will enjoy it more and more ! Thank You Eevee's for that great wheel !!!

My Third Wheel

1st, EEVEE's has been great. This was my 1st wheel from these folks. Order processed fast and a minor damage issue out of the box taken care of immediately. 2 thumbs up for EEVEE's.

My 1st wheel was a V10F and now being enjoyed with a friend of mine.
My 2nd wheel was a Gotway(Begode) MSP HT and it worked great.

This Master is my 1st my suspension wheel and working well and I have not ridden for 2 yrs. Tons of power no major issues so far. I gave it a 4Star for the suspension. I knew of the lack luster suspension going into this purchase, but even so, it was a little surprising how easy it bottoms out at max psi over small bumps, I am 220lbs. If I could I would split the difference and give it a 4.5:) I will definitely be upgrading the shock but still reviewing my options and avoiding the bigger bumps in the meantime.

I love the pedals. They grip so well.
Pads, I like the way they look but spacing an issue. Braking ok but forward torqueing I find too much space between the shin the pad too much for my liking. I only wear knee pads so I will try with some shin pads or a little stick on spacer.

Over all I think this is a better light trail and road cruiser wheel for my needs and I thats how I will recommend it for others if your not planning to upgrading the suspension. I will save up for a smaller suspension wheel that is easier to manage for me on the more technical trails.

Best wishes to all.

Noel D
Begode Master

Box came well packaged. Love the set of Eevees stickers that came with. Very cool.

I only got to ride it a couple of times before the rain, but this thing is a beast. Way faster and more torque than my old MSP HT. Stupid heavy though. Needs two people to load into my SUV. I need to workout more.

The stock tire definitely feels unnerving when transitioning between lug patterns. I switched to a Shinko 244, feels much better and carvier, but can train-track on creases in the road. That was pretty scary when going 30+ mph.

Body is delicate looking. Basically just the flimsy plastic battery cases. Will definitely need a Clark fairing or grizzla fairing or the like. I just put my Clark pads on for the moment, but I know it won’t be protected in a crash.

Until that new S22 pro with the better suspension sliders are out, I think this is the best wheel both on and off the trail.