InMotion V12 HT High Torque

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InMotion V12 HT High Torque

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Top Speed
60 km/h
Real Range
45-65 km
1750Wh @ 100V
Water Rating
Very Good

Powerful city rider in a sleek compact design. 

All V12 High Torque EUCs include a free InMotion V12 seat and free InMotion 2 piece power pads. Yes, free!

The beefier, hill churning big brother to the incredibly popular InMotion V12 High Speed, the High Torque version of the V12 High Speed is the perfect wheel for just plowing through cities and suburbia. 

This 16" wheel can reach speeds of 60 km/h with its 2800W motor. The 1750Wh battery can get up to 65km of Real Range per charge. Rain? Pfft. The V12 HT battery has an IP rating of IPX7, while the body is rated at IP55. Consider this one of the best weather resistant EUCs on the market. All of the features that made the original V12 so special are here, including that awesome full colour touch screen, ultimate customizability of your ride experience, ultra bright headlight, and programmable LED lighting.

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Product specifications

Weight limit
Turn signals
Battery cells
9h @ 2.3A
Dual charge ports
Peak power
Max grade




16" x 4"
Rim Size
Pedal type
Grip Tape
Pedal size
9" x 5.25"
Lift switch
24" x 20" x 8"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
A perfect introduction

After putting about 1500 km on my V12 HT I can still say that I love it! This is the first EUC I got and still the only one I own, but it has certainly been able to keep up with my demands. It will easily get me anywhere in Saskatoon and back on one charge, and can often go several days without needing to be plugged in. When the weather permits it I use it to commute to school nearly every day. It does a great job of switching between commuting and adventuring, the ride is very pleasant on smooth pavement and I doubt I've managed to use its full capabilities on dirt trails yet.
Nicely compact. It will fit in any car's trunk and can often be squeezed into the back seat.
Good headlight. Not much to say, it gets the job done.
Good price to performance ratio. I got mine on sale, which made it a steal.
Nice tire. The smooth strip in the middle of the tire gives a very nice ride, while the knobby sides allow it to take technical dirt trails.
Comfortable trolley handle. I'm 6,2 and the handle sits at just the right height for walking with it.
Lighting. The customizable light strips look good and help with visibility.
Bluetooth speakers. I like playing Nascar audio through them.
Nimble. This thing is small enough to fit just about anywhere, and it has lots of power to zip through openings.
Touchscreen. It's very handy being able to see at a glance how fast I'm going. And to be able to change settings without using my phone.
Adjustable pedal height. I started with them at their lowest position in order to learn. Now I have the pedals in the middle position, which gives me a good balance between clearance and stability.

Due to how the speakers are placed, I find I have to turn them obnoxiously loud in order to hear them very well.
It also kicks other bluetooth devices off my phone, so I have to unpair it when not using the speakers.
The fact that you have to install an app in order to set up the unicycle kinda stinks. I didn't find the app particularly good ether. But I have not used it in quite a while, so that may have changed.
Its a pain trying to make any custom lighting patterns or animations for it. See previous comment about the app.
High pedals. Even at their lowest position, my cousin who rides a lot more than me said they are higher than he'd like.
Plastic shell. I've taken it through several hard face-to-pavement experiences, and the frontal piece of the shell has several cracks and a few chunks knocked out. Still works great though.

Overall, I love this machine. Most of the issues I've had with the V12 HT have been superficial and not significantly impacted the overall experience. 9.5/10 would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to buy one.
I personally will be looking for something with suspension and a metal roll cage if I ever buy another EUC, but I do not regret getting a V12 for a second!

P.S. Eevee's support is fantastic!

Luke Wilcott
V12 HT - Super Sweet Wheel

I love it! Thank you guys for the quick shipping and extra goodies. Would definitely recommend this wheel and your company due to your attention to detail and the way all your staff cares about their customers, it’s very apparent.

Frank Henriet
Ma 2e roue

C’est ma 2e roue chez Eevee’s.
Un peu déçu la chambre à air est mal montée ce qui fait une roue voilée. Les items gratuits ne m’ont pas été livrés ( il a fallu que je les réclames).
Je suis sûr que c’est une bonne roue mais un peu d’appréhension à cause de la chambre à air.

Jocelyn Picard
My first wheel

I am very very pleased with the V12HT, it suffered a few scrapes as I was learning to ride but no serious damages. I love the wheel, I now feel comfortable enough to ride it to work, I have to say its a real head turner in my little town! I ride as much as I can, I want to get really good at it.
Thank you Eevee, I am ecstatic and loving it!

Awesome Beginner EUC

I didn't order this wheel from Eevees but felt a like a review would still be nice.
I went from a KS-16S to the V12HT. This wheel is top heavy and nimble. I love everything about this wheel but my number 1 negative thing I just couldn't get over was the speed wobble, I ended up dropping the pedals. Fixed my wobbles. Over all great wheel for showing off and learning! I'm giving it a 4 star cuz the app and program on the screen can be a little finnicky. Other then, great wheel.