6" Burris Street Tire for Onewheel+ XR

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This S-22 Burris Slick tire is very similar to The Float Life's Burris Street Pro. It's the perfect combination of carvy and stable with a medium soft compound that is long lasting.

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Andrew Francis
Burris Street Tire was a great addition!

I really like this tire! You definitely get more of a pint feel while riding the XR - much carvyer and easier to maneuver. That being said, there is something to be said about leaning on the wideness of the Vega tire - it feels a little bit more like deep-powder snowboarding. But if I had to choose, I would go with the Burris Street Tire. Lucky I don’t have to, since my girls board still has a newly unused Vega. Long story short - Burris rules. Float on.

Great all rounded tire

Stable and carvy

Ben P
Better than the vega tire in every way

I rode a stock vega 2800km before switching to this. I didn't think the vega was as awful in terms of performance as people say it is. having to either listen to the sound of rocks and other debris stuck to the wheel or pick it out of the rubber every few blocks was the worst part. This tire doesn't do that at all.(!) You can ride gravel trails with no fender and you don't end up with a little pile of rocks beside your foot.

Also it's also faster, grippier, and gets better range than the Vega. It's hard to believe, I don't know how it can feel grippier but rocks don't stick to it. You'd think there would be some tradeoffs or ways the vega outperforms it but nope, it's just a much better compound. It's like, 10-30% better but again, the best feature when compared to the vega is the lack of crap sticking to it.

I can't balance on the edges of the tire as much as I could on my old vega. So, puttering around and doing like stuff like figure 8s around two adjacent manhole covers is harder, but I'm 90% sure this was easier because my vega was so worn out. It was almost worn through on my heel side..

Rui Chen

Excellent product