EX & EX.N Seat

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Ever want to take a break from standing while your shredding the streets on your Begode (Gotway) EX & EX.N? This seat will do just that and relieve the stress of standing on long rides!

Fits the Begode EX, Begode EX.N line EUCs

Disclaimer: Does not include the unicycle itself.

Customer Reviews

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Raymund Dionaldo
Great seat!

The EXN seat is comfy and stays on the wheel. I was afraid that it was going to be like the 16X seat that keeps on falling off and will tear on the inside in a short time of use. This wasn’t the case this seat is of a much better material that can take more abuse and stays on.

Seated Riding Forever

The wait to get a seat was worth it, but I am glad I got one.

Sit down and relax

One of the most comfortable stock seats available. Nice and relatively wide. The size of the EX/N make this very easy to transition from seated to standing. This seat converted me from a "I only want to stand and enjoy every minute of the ride" to a "ride hard, cruise comfortably"