Begode Tesla T4

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Begode Tesla T4

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Top Speed
60 km/h
Real Range
40-60 km
1800Wh @ 100V
Water Rating
Not Good
Air Suspension

Because sometimes size isn’t everything.

Unofficially dubbed the Mini-Master, the Begode Tesla T4 gives us next-gen suspension in a small package. Built on the Master’s slim design, the T4 is a proven build with all that vertical travel without having to haul out a big wheel for a fun day of riding whether you’re hitting the city streets or shredding the trails.

Powered by a new 2500W Torque QS hollow bore motor, the famous Begode torque combined with a slightly larger power output gives you that extra punch over the T4's Kingsong (2200W) and Inmotion (2200W) competitors. The 1800Wh battery (Samsung 50E 21700 cells) keeps you cruising smooth for up to 60km of Real Range. The T4 has indeed found its place next to the legacies of the S18 & V11.  

For a $50 setup & package recycling fee we will fully assemble your T4 so you can ride it straight out the door!

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Product specifications

Weight limit
Turn signals
Battery cells
Samsung 50E
3hr @ 5A
Dual charge ports
Peak power
Max grade








16" x 3"
Rim Size
Pedal type
Pedal type
11.3" x 5.2"
Lift switch
24" x 19" x 11"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jackson Horton
Solid wheel for the price

Love everything about this wheel. Great in-between size and solid specs. Don't try and take it over 35 even if says a max of 40-42. Cut out on me at 38 on a slight downhill thinking I had more wiggle room than I did. I have no idea how this thing survived a crash at 38 mph with no add ons to beef up it's protection. Cosmetic damage was mild. Rode off.

Though i do have one concern. Occasionally the wheel stutters/glitches when stationary when the stabilizer engages which makes me concerned for a potential issue at speed.

Hey Jackson,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. I just want to make sure you're aware that the max speed advertised for the T4 is 37mph (or 60km/h). Those speeds can only be achieved when the battery is close to full because as the battery starts to drain, voltage sag will occur and your top speed will go down as the battery drains. Please try not to ride the T4 over speeds of 35mph as you're really pushing it going faster than that and risk cutting out again. Your T4 should beep at you when you approach speeds that are too fast for your battery level and you can also set the pedals to tilt up in the app if you want an extra warning. I'm glad it survived okay and that you're okay as well. Have fun and ride safe :)
- Bradley

Brent Law
Cool machine

The Tesla T4 is our first EUC. Eevee's was great and shipped it out right away. Purolator took a lot longer than it should have. So far pretty happy with 160km on it. One defect we are dealing with is the pads don't stay stuck. Not interested in an expensive upgrade, just would like the stock ones to stay attached.

Haider Ahmed
Awesome but not perfect

I upgraded from a T3, it's been amazing to have more torque,speed and especially the suspension. Unfortunately the motor rusted after 1 ride in light rain, I've ridden my T3 multiple times with no issues. Im also having battery issues, keep in mind this is the 1st gen bought in 2022 . Still waiting on motor replacement from Eevee's as promised, but nothing yet, definitely disappointed that I'm not getting the range from this machine and the support from Eevee's.

Hi Haider, I’m sorry about the wait for your replacement motor. It’s not that we haven’t been able to support you but more so Begode refused to send us replacement motors and when we bought them to support our customers, they took forever to ship (we finally got them in on Thursday with our recent container shipment). You should receive an email from our support team sometime next week to arrange a motor swap and when they are replacing the motor, they can diagnose your battery as well. My sincerest apologies for the delay. We’re as frustrated as you are with the lack of support from Begode on this issue.

Jeff S
Awesome! Begode T4 Gen 2

This is my first wheel, by day 2 I was riding and turning. Day 3 group riding! Added the e-ride wolverine pedals and the full grizzla fairing/flex pads set.

The grizzla fairings/pads are a game changer really makes the wheel much better.

Really great wheel very fun to ride. Can’t go wrong with a T4 Gen 2.

As for eevee’s this was my 2nd large purchase from them and wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again.

Perfect EUC for commuters/medium distance.

I have an EX.N, Inmotion V8S, MTEN3 and now the T4 2nd Gen. The T4 is currently my favorite wheel. It is perfect compromise between weight, battery and size. I like the EXN but did not like the weight and as my riding style changed from off road to entirely city riding this was cumbersome. The V8S was piling on the miles but i did not trust it's power for emergency breaking. It was excellent and compact and will still use but I think the T4 will replace that and my EXN. Thank you to EEVEE's for sending this out to me. Took about 8 days to NYC.