eevee's Cypress

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eevee's Cypress

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Top Speed
50 km/h
Real Range
720Wh @ 48V
Water Rating

If you see we are sold out of Cypresses don't worry! We are receiving fresh stock every few days!

Inspired by Vancouver’s iconic Cypress Mountain and standing out from the crowd with its clean yet rugged design, the eevee’s Cypress electric scooter will blow you away with both a look and performance that far out paces its competitors. The Cypress has a high performing 600 watt motor for crushing hills with ease. This means instant acceleration to effortlessly get you to a top speed of 50 km/h.

Don’t be duped by false range promises - the Cypress will take you up to 40 km of RealRange. Soak up rough, cracked pavement without ever worrying about flat tires thanks to industry leading, 4 inch wide solid tires. Customize your Cypress by activating cruise control, adjusting the display brightness, toggle between kick or no-kick starting, and choose your acceleration strength. All this for an absolutely unbeatable price. 

**For a $25 setup & package recycling fee we will fully assemble your Cypress so you can ride it straight out the door!**

(Assembly option for in-store purchase or pickup only)

The eevee's Cypress is covered by our Limited Warranty for a period of 90 days, not including labour and does not qualify for free warranty shipping. For full details see here. View manual and setup video here. The Cypress is sold as is, however there is a known issue of the plastic display cover possibly developing cracks over time. 

Product specifications

Weight limit
Turn signals


Battery cells
Dual charge ports
Peak power
Max grade
30 degrees


Front brake
Rear brake

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Baljot singh
About breaks

I do not like the breaks of the scooter, after one week the breaks became free and the service centre make it good but they said in future they will charge for this.

Michael Kaye
Eevee’s Cypress - Great mid grade scooter well worth the sale price.

I already own an EUC, a OneWheel and an eBike, so why not finish things off with an eScooter. The eBike is a bit large to pack around at times, the OneWheel is a bit sketchy and has very short range, the EUC is amazing but I feel like I need to wear every piece of safety gear imaginable while riding it, and that can take a good 15 minutes just getting ready to ride.

So where does the Eevee’s Cypress eScooter fit in? Well it has decent range, a fast enough top speed, it is somewhat portable and I don’t feel like I need to wear nearly as much safety gear while on it, just a helmet and wrist guards.

I wanted an eScooter that had decent speed, could go about 40-50km on a battery charge, had some sort of suspension and was not going to break the bank. The Eevee’s Cypress fit’s those checkmarks pretty bang on!

The Good:
-Really well priced on sale.
-Actually get’s me up and over 40km/h and I weigth 200 pounds or so.
-Not sure about range but I went 10km the other day and the battery only went down about 1/4. I was on full throttle almost the entire time doing 40km/h.
-It looks awesome, very modern looking.
-Breaks are really good, stops on a dime.
-The lights are actually not bad even though the front light is rather small.

The Not As Good:
-Suspension is very stiff, it kind of works but only when you really force it.
-The solid rubber tires are very hard, you feel all the cracks and pebbles for sure, but when on smooth road it feels really good.
-Folding it and unfolding it is a bit of a chore as you need to loosen and tighten 3 separate quick releases. Not as quick when you have to do it three times.

All in all very happy with my Eevee’s Cypress and enjoying riding it even more than I thought I would, and I have ridden pretty much every type of PEV you can ride!


Anh Tran
Balanced of range and power

Im over 200lbs, I was surprised it could haul me up steep hills with ease. Battery seems to last pretty good, after 15kms readout still shows 50-60%. So its possible to get 40+ kms range on flats. Dual suspension is very stiff, have to jump up and down hard to get it to budge. Your gonna feel every single bump on the road with these stiff dual suspension and hard tires. Takes a few KM to relearn how to ride this scooter, it wants to go straight . You need to lean into the turns. Its capable of going 40ish km an hour but with the slippery hard tires and stiff suspension its kinda scary especially if roads are alittle wet.
Lots of rattles coming from the scooter deck. Had to open it up, tighten all the bolts, and clean up the all the loose wiring and connectors. Wire connectors rattled around so much that they were almost coming loose, had to glue all the connectors. After that its smooth and quiet. This scooter is definitely not water or even splash resistant so don't ride it in the rain or on wet road.
Sale price its a great scooter.