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InMotion V11Y

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InMotion V11Y

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Top Speed
60 km/h
Real Range
60-80 km
1500Wh @ 84V
Water Rating
Air Suspension

The next generation of the smoothest suspension in EUC-town.

A classic case of if it ain't broke don't fix it, one of the best selling electric unicycles of all time is back with a performance and aesthetic refresh. The InMotion V11Y has always been one of the most comfortable rides out there thanks to its unique independent air suspension and now has some extra pep in its step (and sweet honeycomb pedals!). 

The V11Y is a perfect city cruiser and light trail ripper with a 1500Wh battery providing up to 70km of Real Range. The improved 2500W motor (300W increase from the V11) can take you up to speeds of 60km/h (up from 50km/h). Thanks to a boost in torque you can tackle those steep hills and trails better than ever. Headed for a tumble? Check out the new bumpers around the lights and at the bottom of the side shells. And have extra peace of mind with the Raptor Y controller providing safe and reliable power transfer.

With an outstanding legacy, and a host of new upgrades, the new V11Y is poised to continue to be a crowd favourite for a whole new generation of riders.

For a $50 setup & package recycling fee we will fully assemble your V11Y so you can ride it straight out the door!

Product specifications

Weight limit
Turn signals
Battery cells
Samsung 50E
6hrs @ 2.5A
Dual charge ports
Peak power
Max grade






18" x 3"
Rim Size
Pedal type
Pedal size
9" x 5"
Lift switch
26" x 20" x 8"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Very comfortable commuting

I got it last month and so far it has been so much fun! I have around 100km already.

Reid Patterson
Best value EUC on the market right now.

Overall I wish that I could select 4.5 stars as an option. Amazing wheel with a few small design issues.
This has been an amazing learning wheel and I'm super happy with the purchase. The Eevee staff were incredibly kind and helpful during the whole process.
The wheel itself has enough range and speed to take you anywhere you want to go for short-medium trips (I get ~60km/charge, but I have a rather hard riding style). The suspension is fine and I'll definitely take it over no suspension any day, but it definitely does have a bit of a "pogo-stick" feel to it. Jump pads to keep your feet to the pedals on this wheel are a must for me. The fact that only the saddle moves and not the rest of the wheel makes it so that you have to be careful when going over large bumps and drops, as the wheel can get bounced around a little and you don't want to damage the electronics or rim.
The speed is good overall, but it feels a little slow when trying to keep up with traffic. Even with the 55km/h mode enabled, I'm getting tiltback around 50km/h and that's not quite enough to not be passed by cars, as no one actually sticks to the speed limit.
Handling on the wheel is superb up to about 40km/h, when it starts to feel a bit unstable on the turns. Slight turns at this speed are the worst, as the wheel feels like it wants to either be straight up, or leaned at a larger angle than I want to take, so I occasionally feel like I have to fight against the wheel a little to keep it stable at that speed.
Really wish that it had a handle on the front for seated riding. Before I did some mods I felt like I was falling off the front when seated, as there is nothing there to help you stabilize.

Personally, I've decided to upgrade to the Sherman-s, as I would like the increased range, speed, and stability of that wheel. However, the Sherman is more than 2x as expensive, so it's up to you to decide if that's worth the extra cost (and weight!).

Overall, very satisfied and I'll still be keeping the wheel even after I upgrade.

Jeffrey Smith
V11 perfect for me.

Brand new rider, 6ft 190lbs. The v11 ended up being the perfect wheel for me. I have zero background on riding vehicles other than cars and bicycles. I was able to ride down the road after 4hrs of practice the first day. By the 5th day I was crushing 20 mile cruises. Enough power to have a lot of fun. The suspension is great for Massachusetts coastal roads.
I am super satisfied with eevees so far. Fast shipping.


Très satisfaite…

Paul fischer
Free again

First I would like to say Thank-U. Now I luv my euc. I’m so great full that my son introduced me to the euc. It has given me a sense of freedom again & to have excited fun that an old guy like me at 56 does not experience much anymore with new bike like machinery that is electric the range is the best I have ever experienced. Learning it was an easy task as balance is my thing with only one good working eye. As I said earlier this euc has given me more freedom to enjoy outdoors so again thank-u Ps. Will be looking at the newer version in the years to come