Kaabo Mantis 8 ECO 800 - Refurbished

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Kaabo Mantis 8 ECO 800 - Refurbished

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Top Speed
45 km/h
Real Range
874Wh @ 48V
Water Rating
Not Good
Dual C Spring

The smoothest scooter in the land, the Kaabo Mantis 8 is powerful without being intimidating. 

This Mantis 8 was previously used as a parts machine. The controller, right brake lever and display/throttle have all been replaced. There is some cosmetic scratches on the handlebar, brake calipers and under the deck and it includes upgraded cushy handlebar grips. It has 2km on it from quality assurance riding. Our technicians have completed their final inspection on it to ensure that it is 100% ready to ride!

This Mantis 8 includes a 60 day Limited Warranty that is the same as our regular Limited Warranty except all terms are 60 days. Sale is final.

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The Kaabo Mantis 8 ECO 800 is the perfect scooter for riders looking for something with a bit more pep, but not needing excessive speed. Boasting an 800W motor that is 2.5x bigger than most commuter scooters, the Mantis 8 ECO will zip around without feeling like it’s too much power to control. Equipped with an 874Wh battery you can leave your range anxiety behind and cruise for a Real Range of 40km on a single charge!

Dual suspension soaks up all the bumps your city’s broken pavement can throw at it, leaving you riding in ultimate comfort. Make stopping a controlled breeze thanks to finely tuned, independently controlled front and rear disc brakes. Stay visible at sunset with front and rear lights, side LED strips AND turn signals.

Product specifications

Weight limit
Turn signals


Battery cells
9hrs @ 2A
Dual charge ports
Peak power
Max grade


8" x 3"
Front brake
Disc + EABS
Rear brake
Disc + EABS
Unfolded size
47" x 22" x 47"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Chad H.
Kaabo Mantis 8 Eco 800

I bought this on sale (pre-season birthday sale), and you’d be hard pressed to find a better bang for your buck at this price point. The build quality is very good, from the hard plastic mud guards, to the solid stem with zero wobble. It has an amazing high-mounted front light, which not many scooters have, along with 2 low mounted front and rear lights. The horn is built into the front headlight, and it is pretty loud. It also has a regular bell if you don’t want to startle someone. The built in turn signals are an added bonus for night riding, as are the bright side running lights. I’m 6’1 200lbs, and the single motor gets me up hills no problem. Top speed on flat surface is about 48km/h, with zero speed wobbles. If you’re looking for a commuter scooter with a little more speed and full suspension, and you don’t want the hassle of pairing the scooter to an app before every ride, I would keep this on your short list. The P settings code is not mentioned in the manual, it is 1500.

Mark Ellefson
Mantis models are good. But let me save you the hassle! And

If you’re not a @&$@y and like to hit the trails or pathes etc. this is an amazing product especially for the price. But my personal opinion, And I have been on various types and even made complete custom set ups. If you spend a slight bit more the Apollo phantom is hands down best quality all around scooter. Amazingly fast and reliable and superior built frame and product.. depending on how well you take care of your batteries and weight amd grade of terrain amd type of terrain all have factors in range but as time goes on you calculate to your preferences and figure out a system with your toy. Apollo phantom or ghost few 100 percent .
Ps. First project of all time before scootering blew up was a Segway es4 completely modded and chipped. Love it but Segway parts are not the easiest to get but was my first true love for sure.the mantis models are a different class way more powerful then all the segways except the gt3!but price will deter most people.

Mark Wang

This is just to powerful it is super sick love it


There is so much features in this scooter and it goes up to 50kmh!!! IM IMPRESSED

Good scooter when it works.

It's decent for the price. Looking back, I would've gotten the inmotion S1F or the maybe the new segway when they come out. The mantis 8 is fine, but it's very bulky for the power and range it has, you can get around 40km of range and you can go at most 45km/h (but personally I feel like 30-35km/h is the best speed, otherwise it's not as stable due to the small wheel and bulky deck). This model only has a single motor unlike the 8 pro or up. It's very heavy, just big. Also be careful of using the breaks when going fast, my front break handle snapped in half when I stopped at full speed, I would highly recommend using the electronic breaks to slow down and use the mechanical ones when going 10-20km/h at most.