Ultimate Luxury
Ultimate Luxury

Segway GT2 Superscooter

CAD $5,499.00

Segway GT2 Superscooter

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Top Speed
70 km/h
2 x 1500W
Real Range
50-75 km
1512Wh @ 50.4V
Water Rating
Dual Hydraulic

The Segway flagship GT2 Superscooter - the future of electric scooters has arrived.

**Not Available for US Customers**

With the GT2 Segway has developed an ultra-premium electric scooter that is destined to be the template for everyone else to follow. Incredible professional grade build quality, best in class acceleration, a bevy of redundant safety features, 15-level adjustable dual hydraulic suspension, top end speed and range, anti-theft Sentinel mode, Dynamic Traction Control - and that beautiful PMOLED display.

Ask any electric scooter rider what they want and at the top of every list is one single thing: quality. With the GT2 Superscooter we are finally seeing what years of development in the electric scooter industry has come to. Simply stunning both in terms of design finish and build quality it also can not be touched in terms of its ride quality either. The elegance of this future forward scooter is the new bar for all electric scooters. It’s time to either catch up or fade away. 

For a $25 setup & package recycling fee we will fully assemble your GT2 so you can ride it straight out the door!

(Assembly option for in-store purchase or pickup only.)

Test rides not available due to the traffic and pedestrian congestion. The sheer power of the GT2 is very overwhelming and may cause riders to lose control causing serious injury in a densely populated area. 

Product specifications

Weight limit
Yes + Daytime Running
Turn signals
Battery cells
8hrs @ 2A Dual 16hrs Single
Dual charge ports
Peak power
Max grade


11" Tubeless Self Healing
Front brake
Hydraulic Disc
Rear brake
Hydraulic Disc
Unfolded size
50" x 26" x 49"
Folded size
50" x 26" x 33"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I bought my Segway GT2 a little more than a year ago. I went into eevee's looking for the Kaabo Wolf King, and after being told that they were no longer selling the Wolf, I was ready to head for the door when I said," okay, what can you tell me about this thing here?" All I heard from the response was something like,"bla bla bla bla fastest acceleration, bla bla bla bla, check out the air time he got in this video on that very machine, bla bla bla, insane, bla ,scary, bla bla, bla, and this isn't a scooter but a Super Scooter. So as you can guess, I bought it, and rode it out the door, and the next day I also bought the Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro plus for my fiancee who loves it I think more than she might even love me. So now I'm know as that guy that's seen just speeding past the cars. That's all just conjecture though, I am a model of safety, I wear thousands of dollars worth of kevlar clothing with skid plate and chest armour, and a full faced, nearly indestructible helmet, and I never exceed 30 km/h. Scouts honour! So, if your looking for what is not just one of the fastest escooters on the street, but also one of the fastest accelerating vehicles on the road, or maybe you're looking for an off the wall replacement for Cialis. Then get your procrastinating ass over to eevee's and buy one for yourself, and see if I'm full of it. Yes, I have even beat a McClaren off the punch in a one block race... ...TWICE!!!

Bobbie Bees
Segway GT2

This is the first time that I've owned a scooter. I've used Lime rental scooters down in Seattle. And I've always enjoyed them. But I wanted something for use at home in Vancouver.
I was worried about the scooter I bought being able to haul my fat butt up the hills in the West End.
After doing some research online I decided to pick up a Segway GT2.
The GT2 hasn't let me down.
The GT2 has lots of power, but the traction control keeps the power under control on wet pavement and wet leaves. And with the various modes it's alway possible to dial the machine in to the right settings for the conditions.

You can switch the scooter from 1 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive, but honestly the scooter is probably going to stay on 2 wheel drive most of the time. The torque and acceleration with both wheels powered is a force to be reckoned with.

I still haven't removed the 32 km/h speed restriction. Once the weather gets better I'll probably take it off on the backroads.

The cruise control is interesting. Get the GT2 up to the speed you want, tap cruise control, and the scooter will maintain that speed no matter how hilly the road in front is.

The brakes are very good and don't seem to have any issue with fading or glazing. The pads look easy enough to replace and see to be based on Shimano pads.

The suspension is great and has preload and dampening rate adjustments. Due to the size of the tires, the suspension, and the mass of the scooter, it has absolutely no problem eating up the bumps in the road and giving the rider a very plush ride.

The turn signals are a nice touch, but it would be nice if the auto-cancel was longer. Just means that you have to remember to keep flicking the turn signal if you're waiting at an intersection.

Locking the GT2 up isn't as problematic as I thought that it would be. A u-lock will fit around the front frame and most bicycle racks and parking meter posts. The scooter also has a built in immobilizer that is armed and dis-armed using the app on your smartphone. When armed, the scooter will make annoying noises if it's disturbed and more importantly the scooter will electrically lock the wheels to make it very hard to roll away. Even though the GT2 is over 100 lbs, two rubby-dubbies could easily pick it up and carry it, so always use a physical lock.

The GT2 has easily replaced my 650 Suzuki for trips around the downtown core and to the north shore.

Charging is fairly simple. The two supplied chargers will take the batter from 30% up to 80% in a few hours. I have the maximum charge for my battery set to 80%. The maximum charge percentage is set via the app on the smartphone. Setting the maximum charge percentage is a trade off between maximum distance per charge and the longevity of the battery pack.

Mark Anderson
Even Better Than I Imagined

Have been enjoying my new GT2 for almost a month now and have to say it exceeds my expectations in every way: great design, build quality, etc. Tons of power, steady and secure ride, and intuitive controls. I couldn't be happier!

Jason Hayes

Incredible scooter. Everyone that’s tried it loves it. Tons of power and battery life. My wife had never rode a scooter, now she rides it everywhere.

P. C.

The GT2 is my 4th e-scooter and by far the best…This thing pulls hard… The quality is amazing…The ride feels very stable. The most fun scooter i have owned…