eevee's was founded in 2020 by two friends with a passion for personal electric vehicles (PEVs). Bradley became obsessed with Onewheels back in 2017 and it forever set him on a path of meeting other Onewheelers across North America. He lived and traveled out of his Sprinter van and met with each Onewheel community in every city he visited. From there he would go on group rides and hang out with the community, building relationships with all kinds of riders along the way.

In 2020, Bradley discovered electric unicycles (EUCs) and found an exciting and whole new part of the PEV world to explore. After falling in love with the speed and versatility that EUCs offered, his obsession with PEVs grew even stronger. He started repairing, servicing, and selling PEVs out of his small apartment in Vancouver. As the summer progressed he realized that PEV interest was increasing as the public looked to new forms of outdoor recreation. In 2019 there were few PEVs to be found on the streets, but during the behaviour-shifting pandemic of 2020 the amount of PEVs on the streets exploded and that's when he realized that there was finally the demand to open Vancouver's first 100% PEV store.

Bradley contacted his friend Lukas and knew he had the skills and entrepreneurial spirit needed to help get eevee's off the ground. Bradley's life partner, Kate, just so happens to be a talented artist and graphic designer. The three of them had everything needed to make the perfect team and quickly started shopping around for an empty shop to lease. In March 2021, Bradley, Kate, and Lukas will be opening their dream store where they will sell all types of PEVs including electric unicycles, Onewheels, e-skateboards, and e-scooters. They hope to carry some unique eBike options in the future as well.

If you're in Vancouver, stop by the shop, talk PEVs, check out the latest products, and join one of the bi-weekly group rides. Bradley, Kate, and Lukas can't wait to see you there!