E-scooter overload? Start here.

In a market flooded with countless scooter models, many fall into disuse, becoming e-waste due to inferior build quality or ending up with the wrong scooter for your needs. Our carefully crafted guide and curated product line aims to help you navigate this sea of options, giving you the inside scoop on selecting the scooter that perfectly matches your riding needs, ensuring your ride remains a trusted companion for years to come.

Portability or More Range?

We often get asked for scooter options that are lightweight (under 30lbs) and can also get plenty of range. Unfortunately with current battery technology, you can't have both. The fact is, battery cells are heavy and there are hardly any scooters that are considered 'lightweight'. The ones that come close can maybe get a total of 15-25 km of real-world range depending on the model. We have a line-up of scooters which we consider portable below. They all achieve a range of at least 20km per charge.

Riding Scooters in Wet Conditions

Unfortunately most e-scooters can not safely be ridden in the rain. Electronics and water don't mix. And up until recently, there were hardly any scooters with a dust/water rating of IP55 or higher, which is the minimum water rating you should look for if you want to be able to ride in wet conditions. It is also important to note that many manufacturers don't actually have independently certified water ratings. If a scooter has a rating of IP54 or lower you really shouldn't even ride on wet roads. If you live in a wet climate, this unfortunately wipes out most scooter options for you.
The good news is we are now only sourcing scooters with a minimum water rating of IP55 and we throughly test every model before carrying them in our lineup. Keep in mind, just because a scooter has an IP55 water rating doesn't mean it's waterproof. They can still get water damaged so never hose down your scooter to clean it and always avoid puddles when possible.

Electric Scooters & Motor Power

Feeling a bit lost when it comes to e-scooter motor power? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Think of motor power as the scooter's "oomph", measured in watts. And there are two types of this oomph — Nominal Power and Peak Power.

Nominal Power is like your scooter’s chill, everyday oomph. It's the power your scooter can maintain for a long ride without turning into a (literal) hot mess. It's your go-to figure in product specs, giving you an idea of the scooter's usual performance.

Peak Power, on the other hand, is your scooter's superhero moment — the max power it can flex for short bursts, say for acceleration or hill climbing. But remember, even superheroes need a break! Your scooter can’t maintain its peak power for long without overheating.

So, when it comes to your scooter's performance, it's about balancing everyday chill (nominal power) and occasional superhero bursts (peak power).

Next up, Single Motor vs Dual Motor. Your average single motor scooters are casual city strollers, loving flat ground and getting winded when steeper hills come into play. But, give them 500W or more nominal power, and they’ll brave most of these hills. Dual motor scooters, like the InMotion Climber with two 450W motors (total 900W of oomph), are the hill-crushing Hercules of scooters.

Summary: More power = more expensive. If you’re looking for a smooth city ride without the need for speed and no gigantic hills to conquer (we’re looking at you, San Francisco), almost any of our scooters will do the job. But if you need to crush serious hills, check out our selection of power-packed scooters below. Let’s conquer those peaks!

Suspension & Tires

Suspension on an electric scooter — is it a big deal? Think of it as the frosting on your riding cake, making your journey extra comfy alongside its best bud — large pneumatic tires. Imagine this: you're riding a scooter with the springy joy of suspension but on party-pooper solid tires. Oops, you're going to feel those nuisance road vibrations.

Now swap it: you're on big, bouncy 10" pneumatic tires, but no suspension. Goodbye to most vibrations, but hello to larger bumps in the road. So, do you need that luscious layer of suspension frosting? Maybe! If your commute leans to the adventurous side with your route feeling like an urban obstacle course, you'll be giving a thankful sigh of relief to your suspension. Going off-road? Suspension isn't just nice to have, it's your best friend for the bumpy fun ahead!

It's All About YOU

When it all comes down to it, you are the one that determines your budget and your individual scooter needs and preferences. And we are here to help guide your scooter purchasing journey as much or as little as you require. Whatever your questions, our team is happy to provide one-on-one support to help you find that perfect ride. We hope to see you cruising the streets soon!