Hill Crusher
Hill Crusher

InMotion Climber

USD $999.00

InMotion Climber

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Top Speed
35 km/h
2 x 450W
Real Range
28-35 km
533Wh @54V
Water Rating
Very Good

Got hills? Look no further than the InMotion Climber.

Not enough pep in your electric scooter step? Let the new InMotion Climber dual motor scooter bring you wherever you need to be - up high or down low! The Climber is a serious package of power with its dual 450W motors - power not usually seen in electric scooters of this size and class.

Too often riders need a bit more power in their ride, but do not want or need a traditional "sport" scooter which can be intimidating to some. The Climber bridges this gap with its unique combination of specs and design. Speedy at a top speed of 36 km/h you will be where you need in a zip and a wink. 

For a $25 setup & package recycling fee we will fully assemble your Climber so you can ride it straight out the door!

(Assembly option for in-store purchase or pickup only.)

Product specifications

Weight limit
Front brake
Turn signals
Battery cells
9hrs @ 2A
Dual charge ports
Peak power
2 x 750W
Max grade


10" Tube
Front brake
Rear brake
Unfolded size
46" x 19" x 47"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Steve Dickey
I am impressed!

A lot of scoot in a small package. It's got some zip to it. You will not be disappointed in this one.

I bought this to climb out of Port Moody and now does this tick the box. Make sure though that you adjust the settings with the app before you go down hill.

Erik Kyren
This fatso goes so fasto

Lemme preface this review by saying that I am a large fellow at 270+lbs. The limit for most e-scooters is either 220lbs or 260lbs unless you start getting into the top-tier range of performance scooters which cost about as much as a quality used Toyota. I went for the InMotion Hill Climber because it's the most affordable e-scooter with the guts to move me around at a reasonable pace. It accelerates me quickly to either 25 or 35 km/h depending on the mode setting and it is reasonably decent at getting me up inclines without any serious loss of speed or power. Steep inclines will see the speed noticeably reduce because I am pushing it pretty hard, but for a regularly sized rider I would imagine that this scooter would whip them up hills without hesitation.

My wife (who is shorter) complains that the handlebars (which are at a fixed height) are too high. Myself who is over 6'5 finds the handlebar height to be damn near perfect.

It's a great scooter at a great value. The only competitors to it in the power range are easily $1000 more expensive. This is the most top-shelf commuter you can buy and, in my opinion, the only viable upgrade path to this model is to start spending $4000+ on a performance scooter.

Fully recommend this e-scooter to anybody who wants a two-wheeler.

Edward Wishinski
Bricked in a week

Bought this rode it for a week. Tried using the electronic locking feature and it resulted in kicking up the entire scooter for good. Scooter would not even turn off. To Eevee's credit they did put a new controll unit in and fixed it for free. But told me to no longer use the electronic lock. I will not buy any more inmotion products as a result.

Minghua Ding

InMotion Climber

Allan Wong
InMotion Climber is great!

Really enjoying this escooter. Good balance of power, speed, distance and weight. Love it.