InMotion S1F

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InMotion S1F

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Top Speed
40 km/h
Real Range
50-60 km
675Wh @ 54V
Water Rating

The InMotion S1F - the most comfortable, longest range city commuting scooter. Period.  

A long time favourite of both city commuters and recreational riders, the InMotion S1F is the do it all electric scooter. Top of class extended range, comfortable front fork and rear dual spring suspension, and a top speed of 40 km/h all add up to a scooter package that suits almost any rider. 

The S1F features a rear 500W motor for hill climbing punch, an ultra-bright dual headlight, active rear brake light, along with automatic turn signals and customizable LED deck lighting. An advanced digital display is ultra-convenient and brighter than most of the competition. If you want the perfect speedy, comfortable city commuter, you need to ride the electric future on an InMotion S1F. 

For a $25 setup & package recycling fee we will fully assemble your S1F so you can ride it straight out the door!

(Assembly option for in-store purchase or pickup only.)

Product specifications

Weight limit
Turn signals
Battery cells
7hrs @ 2A
Dual charge ports
Peak power
Max grade


10" Tubeless
Front brake
Rear brake
Unfolded size
50" x 20" x 50"
Folded size
50" x 20" x 23"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Erdem Torcuk

InMotion S1F

Reviewer avatar
Arcadi K.
Robust commuter and city adventure e-scooter

I've been using this scooter for the last couple months, and I am very glad that I purchased this scooter.

Things I like about the scooter:
- Excellent range for the price point (at least 50 km, with some smaller hills and one major hill, in Vancouver, BC)
- Excellent water resistance for riding in the rain
- Good top speed, especially if you are travelling along a long, smooth, straight section (40 km/h!)
- Good lighting for visibility (front light, blue under-lighting)
- Integrated bell
- Good power for most hills (may struggle over a few, especially with lower charge)
- Good size that makes longer trips feel more comfortable
- Good foldability, with being able to tuck it under low spaces, as well as making lifting the scooter much easier (other than the 24-kg weight for some)
- Speed display is easily readable
- Good suspension

A few small issues:
- Weird battery percentage display, where the battery percentage may not go down linearly (because it is calculated based off the battery voltage), with a steep drop-off when going below 30%
- Power output will slowly weaken with less charge, especially after the displayed battery percentage (in-app) goes below 30%, so make sure your scooter will still have some charge at the end of a trip (30%–35%), so that it does not feel like it is dragging along, especially if you have to go over a big hill, like where I live
- NOT an issue, just an InMotion quirk, but a noisy back part over rougher bumps after some use

Overall, as long as you don't care about the aesthetics, take good care of it, and plan your trips (just like on any electric vehicle), it's a robust scooter that handles city adventures and slightly longer commutes very well.

Rodel De Lima

InMotion S1F


They are very cheaply made

Alan Uyeno
I'll use the metaphor "Swiss army knife" for this S1F scooter.

I called the shop to assure the S1F was in stock. I was welcomed by Aaron and he assisted me in the purchase of this scooter. The product is rather simplistic with the bare essentials that one would need in a zippy and agile e scooter. The use of one brake lever rather than two is taking the principles of K.I.S.S and it works!! In this class and price range, the S1F is a great product. Higher tier scooters provide more refinements, speed and elegance in ride. We must not be mistaken that the price and performance ratio, this particular scooter excels in many categories. InMotion is an established company with very good quality control, comfortable ride, agile acceleration, this should meet a high percentage of wants and needs for a consumer seeking a great scooter, especially at this price point.

I'm an individual that is only 5.5 feet tall and this scooter provides a comfortable ride. Taller individuals may appreciate this scooter due to the geometry of the handle height.

The 500 watt motor pulls confidently on hills and effortless for flat surface cruising. The strong pull in acceleration is very welcoming. One of my requirements is that I do not want to get the impression of lethargic, sluggish performance. The Inmotion S1F is a nice spirited ride as it also provides you a piece of mind in great long range journeys.

For all of my E scooters, I've incorporated individual wifi timers to automatically turn off the power after an "x" amount of time, as it achieves 100% full charge.

Thank you Bradley and Aaron for assisting me the day I picked up the InMotion scooter.