eevee's Pre-Order Shipment Tracking

Find all estimated delivery dates of your shiny new ride all in one place. All delivery dates are estimates and may change to due circumstances out of eevee's' control such as weather or customs clearance delays.

  • Updated Feb 21, 2024


InMotion V14 February 2024 ZIMU3102509
Veteran Lynx Batch 2 February 2024 ZIMU3102509
King Song S16 February 2024 ZIMU3102509
InMotion RS February 2024 ZIMU3102509
Veteran Patton 50S February 2024 ZIMU3102509
Kaabo Mantis X Plus February 2024 ZIMU3102509
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X February 2024 ZIMU3102509


^Ship to customer is our best estimate of when our shipment clears customs, is delivered to our facility, all products complete our Quality Check process, and are processed for shipping. 

*Ship tracking does not indicate customs and delivery processing. A ship may be shown as arrived in port but not yet have its cargo cleared for customs and delivery. Click ship name for live tracking.