Universal 84v 5A EUC Fast Charger Pro

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Stop staring at your EUC stock charger as it slowly drip drip drips power back into your precious wheel. This universal 84v 5A Charger Pro will work with most 84 volt EUCs and can cut your charging time in half or more! In some cases it may also be used in combination with your stock charger to further decrease your charging time. Exact decrease in charging time will vary across EUCs due to different stock chargers.

Integrated advanced features include:

  • Circuitry to protect your EUC battery during charging.
  • Tapering of current as your batteries approach full charge state.  
  • Built-in fan to maintain lower temperature.
  • Smart display shows the voltage level of your battery and charging amps to your battery. 
  • Can be used to check your battery status without turning on your EUC.
  • Safely and automatically switches between 110v & 220v allowing you to use EV charging stations to power up.
  • Includes two adapters so you can charge a variety of 84v EUCs. 

Note: All EUCs have a maximum charge amperage. If you exceed this maximum your BMS will stop the charging process and you will need to reset your battery packs by unplugging and re-plugging in your packs. Max Amp charging for common 84v EUCs listed below:

  • InMotion V11 - 7.5A (can pair with stock charger)
  • Kingsong 18XL - 7.5A (can pair with stock charger)
  • Kingsong 16X - 7.5A (can pair with stock charger)
  • Kingsong S18 - 5A
  • Gotway Tesla T3 - 5A
  • Gotway MCM5 v2 - 5A

Compatible with the following 84v EUCs:

  • KingSong 16XS
  • KingSong 16X
  • KingSong 18XL
  • KingSong S18
  • InMotion V11 (with included adapter)
  • Begode Mten3 84v (with included adapter)
  • Begode MCM5 (with included adapter)
  • Begode Tesla (with included adapter)
  • Begode MSP 84v (with included adapter)


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