Grizzla Flow Electric Unicycle Pads

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Grizzla Flow Electric Unicycle Pads

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NEW! Exclusive Grizzla x eevee's collab colours! Navy with mint bumpers or mint with navy bumpers.

Modular side-pads (power-pads) designed to enhance all aspects of your EUC riding experience! Grizzla Pads will give you superior control over your wheel and boost your riding confidence through the roof!

The Grizzla Flow Pads are the next generation of customizable riding comfort and control.

Big Grizzla Flows are the largest power-pads in our portfolio and are perfect for 18"+ EUCs and for larger riders of smaller wheels. 

These rubber giants give an even more comfy, pillow-like experience while having top-notch responsiveness to all riding styles.

Flow Big gives more leverage for acceleration, braking and jumping
They are compatible* and recommended for large and heavy wheels:

  • KingSong – S22*
  • Veteran – Sherman, Sherman Max, Patton, Sherman S, Abrams
  • Begode – Nikola, Monster, Monster Pro, Master*, Master Pro*, EX30*
  • Inmotion – V13

Compact Grizzla Flows are perfect for 16" wheels or smaller.  

Flow Compact provides the same features as the Big version, while being compatible with most available electric unicycles. Apart from the wheels mentioned above you can also use them with:

  • Begode – MSX, MSP series, RS series, T4*
  • Kingsong – 16X, 18L, 18XL
  • Inmotion – V8F, V10F, V11*, V12

*Fairing Plates needed to extend/flatten the side-shell surface and install the pads securely.

All Grizzla Pads are made of comfortable, soft, yet very-durable rubber material and provide you with:

  • Faster acceleration (without overleaning!)
  • Better incline climbing
  • Increased braking power
  • Foot stability on bumps or uneven surfaces
  • Show off your jump skills on pump tracks, ramps and more!
  • Increased maneuverability
  • Wheel protection – pads work as a bumper during falls, crashes or accidents

In the box

  • 2x Front pads (L+R) with pre-installed velcro hooks
  • 2x Rear pads  (L+R) with pre-installed velcro hooks
  • Set of 4 Memorizers
  • Self-adhesive fastener tape (Loops) – to be installed to the side-shell of your EUC

Angle Adjustment with Lockable Pivot System

Lockable Pivot System
Lockable Pivot System

Unlock the pivot to set the angle of the front and rear pads to match your gear setup and riding preferences.

Lock the pivot to save your settings – your desired angle won’t change while attaching/detaching the pads.

Memorizer System

Tired of looking for your favourite pads position again and again?
Use the Memorizers provided with Grizzla Flow to remember position of your pads on the EUC. If your have more than one electric unicycle. you can order an extra set of memorizers to switch the pads easily between your EUCs.

Ergonomic Grooves

Use ergonomic holding spots to easily detach the pads from your electric unicycle.

Pre-installed Velcro

All versions of Flow Pads are shipped with pre-installed Velcro (hooks) – ready to ride right away. High quality Velcro (loops) to attach to your EUC shell is also included.

Pre-installed velcro hooks

Reflectors & Multi-Purpose (MP) Slots

Reflectors are now larger, much more robust and crash-resistant.
Same as for other pads we are using 3M automotive-grade* layer (widely used for vehicle markings).

In multiple field tests we were not able to break or loose the reflectors. This is thanks to:

  • Flexible yet durable materials used underneath the 3M reflective layer.
  • Reflectors are now securely installed in Multi-Purpose (MP) slots which are hidden inside the pads’ block.

Multi-Purpose (MP) slots can be also used to install additional accessories e.g. additional lights/torches or action/dash camera. We’ll share the necessary dimensions/ technical details needed for DIY projects and will be gradually releasing own extensions compatible with MP slots.

With Reflectors & MP Slots

*Meets or exceeds the reflectivity requirements of EN 12899-1:2007 for Class RA2


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tyler Ritchot
The epitome of confidence

Bought an S22 Pro earlier in the year and could never feel quite comfortable with the ride feel with the stock pads, I thought that it was just me trying to get used to the wheel for the longest time so I toughed it out. I then crashed because I wasn't stable enough on the wheel and then decided it was time for some real pads. Let me tell you that I went from the back of the pack on group rides to near the front the very next day (basically the instant I put the pads on, everything felt perfect)

If you are considering buying these because you are concerned that the difference may not be enough, I assure you it IS enough.

Now, COULD it be a mental barrier that I just didn't break? Yeah, its possible, people ride with stock pads on the S22 all the time, but the cost spent to break that barrier and get me enjoying my wheel 10x more than I was prior was well worth it.

Perfect size

This large version is perfect if you're looking to be locked in, and have the power pad up high at the same time.

Ryan Millen

They’re dope, great protection for the sides of the wheel on falls and awesome comfort. 10/10 would buy again if needed.

Grizzla Flow Electric Unicycle Pads

Look nice haven't really got to use them. I'm still waiting wheel so I can try them out. Had them on my other wheel once and when taking off the hard velcro attached to the pads started to peel off.