InMotion 2 Piece EUC Power Pads

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Brand new ultra-customizable 2 piece EUC power pads for the most personal ride of your life! Originally designed for the Inmotion V12, these pads will fit on nearly any wheel with minimal adjustments. Featuring strong adhesive and velcro adjustment you will be able to find the fit that is just for you.

One of the most common questions about EUCs is, "where should I put my power pads?" This is a highly personal choice as no two riders are the same. By separating the front shin pad from the rear calf pad you will finally find that oh so elusive perfect fit!

Fits the Inmotion V8/V8F, V10/V10F, V11 and V12 and most likely other EUCs as well due to their highly adjustable nature.

Customer Reviews

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Hard plastic

Hard plastic hurts. Pros say buy soft

Hrithik Mukherjee
Excellent job

It was a great experience for me from evees as they were always there to help me out with my v12 HT. If I would have to give more stars to them I will definitely give them. They always repair it free for me, I would to buy more euc in future from you guyz. Great job guyz

Adam C.
Pads are good beginner pads, velcro is terrible.

Picked up these pads when I got my V12ht. When I purchased them, I was told by the staff that the glue holding the velcro to the pads was particularly weak, and to not be surprised if they peeled off. Sure enough, they peeled off when I was adjusting the pads at home. Fixed it with some glue, and they are working great so far. No issues with the velcro that’s on the EUC. Eevee’s staff 5*s for transparency, InMotion pads 2*s for poor velcro.

Kevin Kim
Inmotion 2 piece pads

They are awesome and gives me good control over the unicycle