Predator DH6-Xg Helmet

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Predator DH6-Xg Helmet

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Predator's DH6-Xg is the third generation of the esteemed Canadian designed DH6 helmet. From the mind of Predator owner and designer Matt Kelly, the DH6-Xg builds upon the superior design and construction as the original DH6 helmet. You too will understand the hype once this cushioned, ultra-lightweight beauty slides over your head. The aerodynamic sleek shell of the DH6-Xg is constructed of a pre-preg resin which is heat cured in an auto-clave oven ensuring a consistent and strong design every time. 

Ride in comfort with the soft interchangeable cheek pads (3 sizes), incrementally adjustable injection molded visor (3 types - clear, tinted, mirror), ear vents for improved hearing and a vented chin port to increase airflow and reduce fogging. Bonus time! - Use the proprietary visor mechanism to quickly change visors without the need for tools - and - no more annoying screwdriver scratches. 

Not only is the DH6-Xg a fully enclosed helmet providing 360° protection, you also have a secure double D-ring chinstrap system, the same as you will find on motorcycle helmets. Dual CPSC and CE-1078 certified. To put it bluntly, if you have a need for speed, the DH6-Xg will fit your melon need. 








Customer Reviews

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Alan Uyeno
Great appreciation of "one size" fits all helmet

Just wanted mention that Nicky and Aaron are stellar representatives of Eeevee's. Over the phone I bombarded Nicky with many questions. In store, Aaron surpassed my expectation in product knowledge and his personal experience.

As a new adopter of the E scooter world, I was seeking a full face helmet for good visibility field of view and protection of the lower portion of my head/jaw. After my personal research I decided to test fit the Predator and Fox Proframe full face MIPS. Due to my head sizing the Fox helmet did not fit well.

The stellar reviews of the Predator peaked my interest, especially due to the "one size fits all" factor as it provides adaptation to head size utilizing various sized pads. Win! Win!!

Nonetheless cost of protection is based on personal decisions. Helmet acquisition is truly PPE investment. Due to the incredible versatility factor, on my visit to Eevee's I decided to purchase two Predator helmets. The extra helmet that is idling can be adapted to one of my daughters if she chooses to go on family rides.

Only comment is that pad cheek pressure is required for proper fitment. It takes some time to accept a snug but comfortable fit. Close observation of the predator, you will notice a high level of quality control. The velcro dots for adapting top head padding is brilliant!!!!!!!!!

Using Jude's miracle cloth microfibre works extremely well for cleaning the visor. Only water rinsing the miracle cloth and wringing the cloth dry. This provides no chemical or soap with excellent streak free results.

Thank you Eevee's for the shopping experience and support. I'm a first time customer that appreciates your high level of customer service.

Face saver

Saved my face fom serious injury got into my fist spill on my escooter my favorite lenz got all scratched up but I'm good

High Expectations Met with Disappointment

A year ago, I purchased the DH6-XG helmet with high hopes for its utility in EUC riding. However, I have been sorely let down by its subpar quality and construction. The helmet features a liner marred by manufacturing inaccuracies and an unimpressive padding system that appears haphazardly assembled and secured by weak Velcro fastenings, without any clear instructions provided.

On reaching out to the support team about these issues, I was informed that such “imperfections” are normal given the small batch production process and, thankfully, do not affect performance or protection. However, the rationale was less than satisfying, given the high-end price point of the product (in my world, small batch production paired with high price means greater attention to detail, not whatever this was).

The helmet's durability is questionable at best; the anchor points for the scalp liner have peeled off multiple times during use, contributing to an overall feeling of flimsiness. Furthermore, I have recently found out that the safety certifications for the helmet are insufficient for speeds greater than those of a standard bike, undermining the very essence of its purpose.

To compound these issues, the DH6-XG helmet's cost is significantly higher than its competitors' products, which offer similar or superior build quality. I must sadly conclude that this helmet does not deliver value commensurate with its price, and it falls short on the safety front. Therefore, I cannot recommend the DH6-XG for any serious EUC riders.

Hi Daniel, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Each Predator DH6-XG is hand made and takes more time to make than the comparable TSG Pass Pro. Since they are handmade there can be minor imperfections that has no affect on the helmet's efficacy. There are some bonus features like the getting 3 visors, multiple sets of pads, and the magnet clip that make it more expensive than some competing products. However, you are correct that this helmet is not rated for high speeds and is certified for downhill mountain biking.

As EUCs and scooters become more powerful and faster we understand the need for high-speed helmets. We have been working with Predator to make a DOT-approved helmet in the same style (just thicker) and are also testing various DOT motorcycle helmets to add to our lineup as well. Thanks again for taking the time to leave a review.

Very good helmet !

Very stylsih and feels protective . Only thing bugging me is how much windy sounds you hear when riding your euc , other than that , great helmet !

Michael Lifson
Great helmet 6 stars

I have 10. Different helmets in my collection and I have to say the predator is my favourite. purchasing it with eevee’s a vancouver retailer was super easy amazing service. I already purchased another helmet and will continue to be Loyal customer. Thanks to the team at eevee’s. I Really appreciate the quality service and experience