Predator x eevee's DH6-Xe Helmet

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Predator x eevee's DH6-Xe Helmet

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Daringly subtle yet sneakily flashy, Predator's DH6-Xe is the eevee's take on third generation of the esteemed Canadian designed DH6 helmet. From the mind of Predator owner and designer Matt Kelly and eevee's co-founder Bradley Spence, the DH6-Xe is the same superior design and construction as the original DH6-Xg helmet. Nowhere else on the planet will you find this deep navy, custom logo'd beauty!

Be sure to watch for this helmet protecting the noggins of competitive riders all over the world! And if it is good enough for them, you too will understand the hype once this cushioned, ultra-lightweight beauty slides over your head. The aerodynamic sleek shell of the DH6-Xe is constructed of a pre-preg resin which is heat cured in an auto-clave oven ensuring a consistent and strong design every time. 

Ride in comfort with the soft interchangeable cheek pads (3 sizes), incrementally adjustable injection molded visor (3 types - clear, tinted, mirror), ear vents for improved hearing and a vented chin port to increase airflow and reduce fogging. Bonus time! - Use the proprietary visor mechanism to quickly change visors without the need for tools - and - no more annoying screwdriver scratches. 

Not only is the DH6-Xe a fully enclosed helmet providing 360° protection, you also have a secure double D-ring chinstrap system, the same as you will find on motorcycle helmets. Dual CPSC and CE-1078 certified. To put it bluntly, if you have a need for speed, the DH6-Xe will fit your melon need. 








Customer Reviews

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Debated hard between the Predator and TSG

My buddy got the TSG, I got the predator. I have a big head and love that the Predator has all sizes of cheek pads included! Big Plus! Wish TSG had that as well. I do love that the helmet bag for the TSG has a visor pocket. Wish the Predator had that as well. The TSG padding seems a bit more plush. I love the color way of the eevee's version of the DH6-Xe. The extended mouth area pushed the predator over the top for me. The TSG seems to fog a bit more as well. Both seem like great helmets. I looked at the air, and while it seems really cool, it's hard to justify the additional price for 1/4 lb in weight savings. Another difference between the two helmets, I love the Fidlock clasp. Wish the TSG had that as well. If it did, I may get it as a backup.

Big props for Eevee's customer service. Answered questions and helped make recommendations. Loved the key chain and stickers included with our helmets. Would gladly buy from again!

Warren Smith
This is one slick looking lid

Just received and I have to say nothing else on the market looks like the eevees version. The design colors are dope. Dark almost black navy, mint accents with the pink bolt on the back. Once I got the placement pads set, very comfy. Yeah I know this isn't a 30+ mph lid protector, but for light cruising I'm fine with it. Fit is great. On the flip side some of a finish is less than. Seams are not perfectly aligned, some gaps between the fabric and the helmet lip. I'm OCD about that stuff, most peeps don't care. The 3 lens are very nice. The silver tint is much darker than the comparable TSG. The black will be good for 100% sunshine. I think I'll need to get the colored lens also as that one allows a bit more light in than the silver because it's nothing but clouds until spring now. And in true eevees fashion the hand written note, stickers, etc are always a plus from these folks! Peace, the MoBoarder! #patton

Great helmet, just needs modification to reduce wind noise

Looks great, fits great, great visibilty and the 3 visors are super easy to switch out. The anti-fog visors actually work really well in sub-zero temperatures. I'm a little concerned about the safety during a high impact crash. This helmet is only rated for skateboards and bikes, so presumably it may not withstand impact at speeds > 35km/hr.

I bought this because it looks super aerodynamic, my only complaint is that out of the box it is really noisy right by the ears. There are holes by the ears (presumably so you can hear people better) but when you're moving at a decent speed it makes a loud whistling sound right by your ears. I recommend putting tape over the holes or packing tissue behind the pads inside the helmet. After I plugged the ear holes the helmet is now super quiet while riding. I can hear ever beep and sound from the wheel even at 60km/hr.

Ryan Reyes
Just buy it

Definitely happy with this helmet. Love the feel the look, and the quick disconnect chin strap. Had some minor issues with the visor screws being on too tight but i got that sorted fairly easy.


The real collab is between this beauty and your noggin!