King Song S22 Slider Upgrade Kit

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King Song S22 Slider Upgrade Kit

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YOU MUST INSTALL THE BEARINGS ON THE SLIDERS AFTER YOU INSTALL THE SLIDERS ON YOUR S22. You will not be able to attach your sliders on your S22 if you pre-install the bearings. Use a mallet and a socket to secure each bearing onto the slider. 

Upgrade your S22 to the next level! These sliders will enhance your ride with noticeably smoother suspension travel and continue to glide smooth and debris-free for way way longer than your stock sliders.

Fabricated from CNC aluminum.

Each kit contains 4 sliders and 32 ceramic bearings and all necessary hardware.

Customer Reviews

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kipp lawrence
It's a totally new machines

I have an early version of the S22. These sliders made it a new machine. Took me a minute to install because I'm not that inclined with such things but we'll worth it. Wish I did it 600 miles ago.

Peter Starek
Nessisary upgrade

Replacing the plastic sliders with ball bearings makes a night and day difference to the ride quality of the S22. Now the damping and rebound settings actually make a difference and the suspension is smooth and much more compliant. On top of this this kit installs the bearings with c-clips instead of being a friction fit which should make maintenance much easier. Overall this is in my opinion the best upgrade you could get for a S22.

I will update if I have any durability or long term wear/maintenance issues. So far no issues!

Jack Morrison
The bounce was needed...

After installing these new sliders I noticed an immediate improvement. Smoother travel with the suspension that actually gives you a better idea of what the s22 'should've' been. I took it down Gear Jam on Burnaby mountain right after the install. Color me impressed

OneWheel Ant
Slider Upgrade Kingsong S-22

Night and day difference, can actually adjust suspension and have it work and feel correct now. Highly recommended.

Maxime Tremblay
Nice !!

I just find it unfortunate that the bearings are not screwed! But this kit are really good upgrade