King Song S22 Slider Upgrade Kit

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YOU MUST INSTALL THE BEARINGS ON THE SLIDERS AFTER YOU INSTALL THE SLIDERS ON YOUR S22. You will not be able to attach your sliders on your S22 if you pre-install the bearings. Use a mallet and a socket to secure each bearing onto the slider. 

Upgrade your S22 to the next level! These sliders will enhance your ride with noticeably smoother suspension travel and continue to glide smooth and debris-free for way way longer than your stock sliders.

Fabricated from CNC aluminum.

Each kit contains 4 sliders and 32 ceramic bearings and all necessary hardware.

Customer Reviews

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This should be standard equipment

The original sliders are, frankly, horrible. I tried 3D printed sliders, which are better than the original sliders, but were difficult to produce (especially the wheel parts) and the sliding was still not very smooth. These sliders, on the other hand, slide very well and were relatively easy to install. WARNING: be sure to follow the directions in the description. DO NOT put all of the bearings on the metal part before screwing to the euc frame - the bearing/wheels will block the screw holes. You can install 4/8 bearings before screwing to the wheel (the ones that don't block any screw holes), and even a 5th if you put the screw in first. Don't do more than that, or you'll be looking for a bearing/gear/wheel puller.
It is so nice bouncing on the wheel while riding feeling the suspension work, instead of the sticky feel it had before. Feeling the suspension spring back rather than sticking at the bottom is awesome. Would have been so much better if this is how the wheel came in the first place, but it's fantastic to finally have the experience this wheel should be.
Also, I like this design better than others I've seen. 8 bearings per slider! Screws that eliminate any concern that the bearings might slide off!
The only thing I would improve would be to add a dirt scoop to the top. I modified the dirt scoop from the 3d printed model to attach to mine - works great!