TSG Pass Pro Full Face Helmet + Bonus Visor

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TSG Pass Pro Full Face Helmet + Bonus Visor

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Developed and engineered in conjunction with a downhill skateboard world champion, the Pass Pro downhill helmet is the last word in performance and has quickly become the most popular helmet for e-riders the world over. The compact shell and its aerodynamic design allows for an unrestrained speed rush, while its CE certified construction lets you cut loose with confidence.

TSG is working with a progressive manufacturing process that eliminates trapped air and compresses the multiple layers of the helmet shell to deliver a stronger but lighter build and a clean and refined surface. The spherical curved visor with a scratch-proof, anti-fog coating guarantees exceptional peripheral vision. Nose vent ports, together with a revolutionary exhalation fogging blocker above the mouth, push exhaled breath down and out of the helmet, further supporting the anti-fogging design.

The Pass Pro is 80g lighter than the previous Pass helmets.

NOTE: The Olive colour helmets are not the Pass Pro versions. All other colours are Pass Pros. 

Hardshell Fibreglass Construction - Hardshell helmets are constructed from ABS or PP plastic. This outer shell gets bonded to the EPS core for a two-piece construction that provides high durability and ultimate high-impact protection.

CE EN 1078 - European bike and skateboard helmet standard

ASTM F1952 - US-American downhill-mountain bike helmet standard

Air Flow Channels - Our innovative Air Flow vent system delivers optimal air circulation and reduces uncomfortable heat build-up in the helmet. The air channels have been designed to pull fresh air over and around the head while forcing stale air out.

Nose Vent Ports - Two small vent ports in the nose area allow enhanced exchange of air.

Fogging Blocker in 2 Sizes - The exhalation fogging blocker positioned around the nose of your Pass Pro helmet ensures that exhaled air doesn’t flow up to fog the visor. The fogging blocker is made of soft foam and is supplied in two sizes for premium adaptation to different facial geometries.

Ear Slots - Small openings at ear level improve the wearer’s perception of ambient noise.

Washable Comfort Liner - Quick-dry liner padding: Removable and machine (hand) washable.

Removable and Adjustable Cheek Pads - Additional foam wedges can be installed into the cheek pads to adjust thickness to fit all faces.

2 Spherical Lenses (Clear & Tinted Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog Treated) - The spherical lens geometry of your Pass Pro helmet visor supports distortion-free vision right to the periphery. Each helmet comes with two visors: mirrored tinted and clear for various light conditions. The inside of the visor is anti-fog coated and the outer is anti-scratch treated to protect it from light wear and tear. Please note that the anti-scratch applies to the lens and not to the mirror coating. Visors are CE EN174 certified.

Sealed View Window - The Pass Pro helmet visor is completely sealed when closed and no airflow comes in.

Double D-Ring Closure - Easily adjustable and removable straps. 


CERTIFICATION: NF EN 1078+A1:02 2013, ASTM F1952
ARTICLE NO.: 79025-30-173


S: 54-56cm
M: 56-58cm
L: 58-60cm
XL: 60-61cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
A great purchase

All around a solid helmet, aesthetically it looks amazing. It's sleek design and easy to remove visor are a major plus. The tinted is great for sunny days, and the clear is awsome for night riding. Definitely would recommend to others looking for a good helmet.

Brandon Passanisi
All-around great helmet

What else can I say? It fits perfectly, is very comfortable, is high in quality, and I feel very safe with it on. I'm glad I have it.

Alex Karpov

TSG Pass Pro Full Face Helmet + Bonus Visor

David Truong
Great Helmet! Light and fits well

Only used the helmet twice so far and I like that it's much lighter than my old helmet. The field of vision is much better and the fit is great! thanks Eevee

Full Face even if you don't race.

I finally picked up the TSG Pass Pro after a LOT of second guessing. I knew I wanted a full face helmet with a visor because I wanted a bit of protection from the wind noise and rain. I held off mostly because I wanted to try it on first. (I've got a small melon and don't want a floppy lid.) I contacted ‘eevee’s about their return policy and helmet fit and I felt confident that if it wasn’t right for me that I’d be able to send it back. The SMALL was a little big on me but it was close enough and I filled it out with some other padding in the right spots and it's been awesome. I also swapped out the D-ring chin strap (not the best, the rings are a little tight with the strap and the button to secure the strap kind of sucked) with a metal ratchet system seen on other motorcycle helmets. To this I also added some bluetooth helmet speakers (Syphon Sound Pro) and now it’s as close to perfect as I can find. Compared with my motorcycle helmet, the TSG Pass Pro is so light and open that it can be worn for hours and not cause any neck strain. It has the best field of vision I’ve ever had with a full face visor helmet. If you’re holding off on purchasing this, I respect that. But when you finally pull the trigger, you won’t be disappointed.