Universal Electric Unicycle (EUC) Stand

USD $144.00

Universal Electric Unicycle (EUC) Stand

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Your Electric Unicycle storage solution problems have been solved! Fully tested here at eevee's, we can confirm this sturdy, 100% steel constructed beauty will adjust to comfortably and conveniently support every EUC on the market from the tiny MTen3 to the behemoth Monster Pro and everything in between. Stop treating your precious wheel like a lean-to and give it the secure upright attention it deserves.

Customer Reviews

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Ulrich H.
Not the best

I really don't like to give bad reviews, but I'm always honest. So, it works well when the unicycle is on, but I wish it had something to hold the pedals so the unicycle would stand upright when turned off. I might just make them by myself, but at this point, two plastic pots would do the trick just fine. Also, at this price, there is a lot of interesting equipment I'd rather buy, like protective gear, a good U lock, or some power pads...

George Watson
Absolute best stand I’ve ever had!

I thought this stand was going to be flimsy and poorly made but I thought I would take a risk and order it anyways (I could always return it right?). Well BOY was I wrong! It is made from very sturdy metal, it is well made and well put together! I love putting my wheel on it. I also work on my wheel while it’s on the stand and it is so convenient! I highly recommend!

Strong, stable and fit many wheel

I like it pretty mutch. It fit perfectly for a sherman and the z10. Do not need to lift the wheel, just need to roll the wheel in this stand.

Yongtao Lin

Universal Electric Unicycle (EUC) Stand

A premium stand

The stand is beautiful and works perfectly. I own several wheels and use this one for my favorite and heavy wheel the veteran sherman max. It is what you see works perfectly. The only reason that I give four stars is the price. If you are not concerned about the price and you want your wheels to look cool like on display go for it.
Improvements: I would like to see something for holding the charger or maybe other must accesssories like a helmet. I will try to add a stick to the back so I can place my helmet.