Lazyrolling Armored Reflective Jacket

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Lazyrolling Armored Reflective Jacket

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**All eevee's Lazyrolling Armored Jackets are emblazoned with our teal eevee's bolt logo on the upper left chest. Stylin'!**

**NOTE: All Armored Reflective Jackets include Level 2 motorcycle certified pads with EN 17092-4:202 Class A certification unless specified as Level 1. 

Lazyrolling's Armored Reflective Jacket is the classic piece of protection gear which has proven to be a go-to staple for adventurous souls the world over. With its relaxed and clean street-style design, Lazyrolling's jacket doesn't look bulky and overstuffed like other armoured gear can. 

Stylish but extremely functional, Lazyrolling has put both safety AND comfort first here. The jacket's exterior is a breathable softshell polyester fabric with fleece inner liner. This design helps transport moisture away from your body while creating an effective barrier against the cold and light rain. Wearing this jacket in heavy rain is not recommended. (Even though it passes the Vancouver rain tests!)

Use the zippered integrated airflow system to adjust ventilation and regulate your body temperature while riding. At the same time, stay warm with the high profile neck and wind-proof outer shell. 

Let's talk about safety baby! Lazyrolling has made their jacket's inner protective lining from 100% DuPont™ Kevlar®, created a highly reflective outer shell, put inner partitions at the elbows, shoulders and back to insert their CE certified pads and back protection AND equipped each jacket with RECCO® rescue technology.

Additional Features

  • Overlocked internal stitching for durability
  • Adjustable inner pad pockets
  • Zippered inner & outer pockets
  • Water resistant






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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Awesome Jacket

I had a wipeout on the EUC and this armored jacket saved my shoulder and arm. It's not even torn, and is made from very strong materials and is excellent quality.

Warren Smith
I like it......

I was worried it might be tight with the armor, but size is what a normal large would fit like. Now it just needs to cool down so I can try it out on a ride. 90f is a bit too warm. Nicely made jacket, I've bought cheaper and they are cheaper in construction to the lazy rolling jacket. Pockets are a bit on the small side. 5 stars because the Eevees version has a slick bolt sewn on the front chest! Dang

Anthony T

Lazyrolling Armored Reflective Jacket

Kevin Yu
190lb 6’ tall - went with Large.

Really comfortable and felt snug with the armour in. I highly recommend buying some CE level 2 pads (they’re universal). Lv1 armour doesn’t really feel confidence inspiring but at least there’s something!

The sleeves feel a bit short when I put my thumb through the sleeve hole. If I fell with the jacket on and pushed both arms forward, I would rip the thumb sleeve. I’m going to try stretching it over time. Overall, the most stylish armoured jacket you could buy. Hefty price but it’s worth it for those cooler temperatures. I highly recommend it.

Cory Zerkee
Great jacket!

This jacket is great. It's warm, EXTREMELY reflective, and well armored. The quality is also top notch.

I can personally attest to it working as advertised also.
I was wearing it the other day when riding at 50kmh on my e-scooter.
A car beside and just ahead of me decided to cut me off and turn right at the last minute. I had just enough time to jam the brakes. I ended up doing an NHL level body check into the right rear fender at about 10kmh, as well as going down hard on my knees.

I barely felt it, due to the Lazyrolling armored jeans I was also wearing. I got up without a mark on me, and other than a slightly sore arm muscle....I feel fine today. My scooter also survived with just a scratch.

TLDR: Lazyrolling gear is fantastic. Buy this jacket if you're looking for good gear.
Yes, it's hot in the summer, but sweating a bit is better than potentially becoming a meat crayon.

Lastly; Eevee's service is great. Can't go wrong shopping here.

And Remember: ALWAYS dress for the slide, not the ride!