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King Song 18XL

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King Song 18XL

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Top Speed
50 km/h
Real Range
70-90 km
1554Wh @ 84V
Water Rating

An all time classic perfect for city cruising.

The King Song 18XL is a master of the city streets. The large 18” tire soaks up the pavement while giving you an incredibly stable ride. The 18XL is easy to handle making it the perfect beginner wheel, has bluetooth speakers and LED lights, offers excellent range (up to 90km Real Range) with great stability and has some of the largest pedals on the market. Oh... and it has the best trolley handle out of any EUC! 

The 18XL offers the same 1554Wh battery and 2200W motor as the smaller 16X, just with a bigger wheel! Long known as an outstandingly reliable electric unicycle with impeccable build quality, the 18XL is an EUC you will have in your stable for years and years.

Product specifications

Weight limit
Turn signals
Battery cells
Samsung 35E
7hr @ 2.5A
Dual charge ports
Peak power
Max grade






18" x 2.5"
Rim Size
Pedal type
Pedal size
9" x 5"
Lift switch
23" x 19.5" x 6"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Eric Fortin

I'm a 43 year old man who is 6'2" and weighs 235 lbs. This thing gets me to and from work every day and I'm so happy I bought it. I was so hesitant at first but that melted away with the ever increasing confidence I have on the wheel. I love this thing and I'm so glad I didn't settle for the scooter I went in to buy. (No scooter hate yall but EUCs rule). I'll own a wheel until I can no longer roll on one. So much fun. Also if you're worried about power, this wheel takes me up a monster hill every single day and it bounces off the speed limiter on the way up. If you're on the fence at all I totally get it and I was there. You'll understand the hype when you feel comfortable on the wheel and you'll get comfy on it in no time.

Ana Trinkaus
Commuting made easy

Love my new ride... saving money on gas. Touring all over the bike paths. So easy to learn... I took mine to the park and practiced on grass till I got it down. Two weeks and I’m able to go anywhere now.

Best starter wheel

One of the best starter wheels there is!! Kingsong priorities safety so i knew i was making the right decision. Also how can i not when 3 of my friends all have it 😂.

Dan Travers
The Honda Accord of Electric Unicycles

I am the person who originally described the KS18XL as the Honda Accord of Electric Unicycles. The description is apt because the KS18XL has excellent build quality, great reliability, and riding comfort. Get the XL pedals for sure. I use this wheel to teach people to ride - it can handle being dropped no problem - and encourage them to choose this as a first wheel because it has the power, range and quality to keep them happily riding without having to upgrade. It is daunting for new riders to drop $2500 on an EUC but it actually saves money in the long term because if you buy anything less than a KS18XL - or KS16X if you want something a little more sporty but of equal quality - you outgrow it quickly and end up dropping the same wad of cash a few months later. The KS18XL will allow you to participate in all but the longest group rides, is an excellent commuter vehicle (torrential downpours are no problem for the KS18xL), easy to roll into stores and onto transit because of the Kingsong brand's best trolley handle design, and is fun as hell. Also has great resale value because of its excellent quality and combination of features. I painted mine red and keep riding it regularly even though I now own a Veteran Sherman (which I also love). The KS18XL is just an excellent bombing around town wheel because it is nimble and powerful and free of range anxiety for all but the longest of rides. New riders - jump right in and get a KS18XL. Experienced riders, to ride it is to love it.

Albert Cua
The best all around wheel hands down.

The 18XL doesn't excel or offer any fancy features, but is just overall good at everything.

Range - check
Headlight - check
Speed - check (50kph)
Comfort - check
Ease of Learning - check

This wheel offers a good balance of everything. For the typical adult - this is the perfect wheel to start your EUC adventure. Out of all the wheels I have used to teach people how to ride an EUC, this wheel by far has the highest success rate of learners. It is a very natural wheel to pick up and feel comfortable with. The pedal tilt isn't excessive, the weight is manageable, the size is perfect for a typical adult. I sold my 18XL and ended up buying it back so that I can teach more people how to ride an EUC.

This wheel is the wheel for you if you're a beginner who wants to learn how to ride, or want one wheel that can check all your boxes. It's not too heavy to bring around, has the best trolley handle to roll it beside you, provides very good value, has extremely good reliability and good resale value.