InMotion RS Super Scooter

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InMotion RS Super Scooter

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Top Speed
110 km/h
2 x 2000W
Real Range
80-120 km
2880Wh @ 72V
Water Rating
Very Good

It's time to blow the competition away. Literally.  

The new InMotion RS Super Scooter is here to take your breath away. With unbelievable speeds up to 110km/h you better be holding on - especially as you can get to 48km/h in just 3.5 seconds. Allowing you to stay comfortable and safe while cruising at high speed is an 11 stage adjustable front and rear hydraulic suspension system with up to 98mm of vertical travel. But what makes the RS truly stand out is the 4 level transforming height system from 183mm up to a whopping 303mm. Depending on your riding style and terrain you can dial in the perfect feel just for you. 

Go on super extended rides with a massive 2880Wh battery giving a Real Range of up to 120km. One glance down at your vibrant LCD display shows you all your important info including battery percentage and voltage. The display has been upgraded from the previous version you may have seen in reviews. It's brighter and way cooler! Easily access all 8400Wh of peak power thanks to the super smooth Raptor 2 sine wave controllers. And ride confident with an IPX6 rating for the RS body and IPX7 rating for the battery. This level of water resistance is a first in a crowded performance scooter market full of inferior water ratings. 

For a $25 setup & package recycling fee we will fully assemble your RS so you can ride it straight out the door!

**Please note: This is a first generation PEV. You’re out riding before anyone else, however, first generation PEVs may have a few early issues. If you have any issues arise with a first generation PEV our warranty will take care of you, but service may be slower than normal due to limited early parts availability.**

(Assembly option for in-store purchase or pickup only.)

Product specifications

Weight limit
Turn signals
Battery cells
2880Wh 21700 Cells
4.5hrs @ 5A Dual 9hrs Single
Dual charge ports
Peak power
Max grade


11" x 3.5" Tubeless
Front brake
Hydraulic Disc
Rear brake
Hydraulic Disc
Unfolded size
58" x 28" x 54"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Decent first scooter.

Its my first scooter and so far (for the limites usage i was able to do) i have no complaints really. Did around 50km in 2 days and still had 60% battery. (Average speeds of 35kmh).
The bars being slanted forward seem kinda weird but given its my first scooter i can say how weird it feels vs regular ones.
One advantage of having slanted bars, better control keeping when hitting holes or bumps.
I hate that twist throttle though. Would've preferred a thumb throttle. (Will be modding it once it goes out of warranty unless i can find one that plug-and-play next summer).
Haven't played with the suspension yet.(might lift it to the next level to try. Comes preset in the middle one.)
Lost a screw for the lcd braket. Bought a cheapo screw set from amazon for potential others. (Will lock tight everything again closer to spring when i take it out every day.)
Have riden in -2c weather and not real issues. (Planned on riding all winter but dont have proper gear for that. Might not ride extensively this winter since i dont want to invest in more gear just for winter just yet.)
By spring I'll know more since i plan on using it as a commuter instead of the car.
Light is kinda trash. Weirdly focused rectangular beam.(vertical). If you tilt it up a bit you see more but you also blind everyone.
Considering i work nights and thats when i do my riding, ill probly change it for something better.
Having a brake light and proper turn signals is freaking sweet. Just wish the turn signals where like some motorcycles and used a always on switch. That way i wouldn't have to click it 4 times while turning so it stays on.
Horn is crazy loud. Very good. Will however get a regular softer bell for summer time when i ride on bike paths around ppl.
Happy with purchase so far.

Morgan Martin
This scooter is insane.

My first ever scooter was an Evolv Pro-R, which has thousands of KM's on it, and I love it to death. Rode it 50km per day, 5 days a week. over 70km/h rated top speed, had decent battery range, and was really fun.
It felt due time I needed an upgrade, so I browsed all the different sites looking for the scooter that would fit my needs. I looked at the Kaabo Wolf King GTR, the Segway GT2 superscooter, and the new Apollo. Once I saw this monster, I knew this was it.


-The build quality is unreal, feels like I'm riding a motorcycle.
-The range is top-notch, I went for a 20km ride and only used 10% battery. The charging is also very fast compared to other high-range scooters.
-The waterproofing... is incredible. took it for a long ride in heavy rain, got it nice and muddy, then just dumped a few buckets of water on it and looks good as new.
-It's INSANELY fast.
-Standing platform is roomy, and has solid grip even in wet conditions.
-the sine wave controller, twist half-throttle, and the well-thought-out button placements combine into one of the easiest to use scooters I've ever used.
-Built-in steering damper.


-Adjusting the ride height can be tricky.
-The front light is actually terrible, and only lights up a small sliver in front of you. I recommend purchasing a set of SL-1000 Shredlights if you plan on riding after dark.
-Really heavy, good luck trying to get it up a flight of stairs unless you have a friend to help.
-the horn is INSANELY loud. Do not use it when riding past pedestrians, they WILL chase you. just buy a bicycle bell.


Amazing. 11/10. Bravo, InMotion. If you are an experienced rider looking for something akin to a motorcycle with high speed and high range, this is it.