Veteran Patton 50S

CAD $4,499.00

Veteran Patton 50S

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Top Speed
70 km/h
Real Range
60-80 km
2220Wh @ 126V
Water Rating
Very Good
Fork Suspension

A truly premium ride experience that checks all the boxes. 

**Please select which suspension type you would like.

62lb is a moderate suspension best for riders below 200lbs (100kg).
66lb is a stiffer suspension best for riders above 200lbs.
70lb is a very stiff suspension for riders above 200lbs and/or who shred hard.

Don't forget to factor in all gear you will be wearing while riding!**

The Veteran Patton is the first 126V EUC in the Veteran lineup AND their first 16" EUC. Combined with the 3000W motor, you get a punchy and torquey machine for all kinds of riding be it street, trail, or both. The Patton is stealing from its big brother and bringing over the same Fastace fork suspension as the Sherman-S so you will be able to dial in that perfect shock absorption.

This is the perfect wheel for anyone looking to get power, performance, a proven suspension system, all in a smaller AND more affordable package than has been offered with the latest big suspension EUCs. Whether you’ve been putting off purchasing your next wheel, or have been wanting to dive into the EUC world for the first time, the Veteran Patton will make an excellent addition to your collection or, even better, be an outstanding first wheel for nearly any rider!

Veteran now offers the Patton with Samsung 50S cells. The 50S cells allow for a higher discharge rate, charging up to 15A and better performance at high and low temperatures compared to 50E cells.

For a $50 setup & package recycling fee we will fully assemble your Patton so you can ride it straight out the door!

**Every Veteran Patton ships with a set of Medium Power Pads.**

Watch our detailed YouTube review here

Product specifications

Weight limit
Turn signals
Battery cells
Samsung 50S
5hrs @ 5A
Dual charge ports
Peak power
Max grade






18" x 3"
Rim Size
Pedal type
Pedal size
4.5" x 11.8"
Lift switch
21" x 26" x 8"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Claro Guinto
Built like a tank still needs taming.

Leaperkim Patton is an awesome wheel and the quality of built is top notch. I initially ordered a V14 Adventure by InMotion and my patience for waiting for this product got the best of me plus the issues Marty Backe with the test V14 and more delays on the horizon and this is understandable if a company wants to keep their reputation for safety and quality. However my concern was of the weather and road conditions in calgary so i have to make a decision and you have to give Eevves customer support the credit and their flexibility in regards to dealing with annoying customers that want their product delivered ASAP. Anyways after a few seconds of deliveration i decided to switch the Adventure to a Tanker. And the Patton is oozing with quality right out of the box and the Pads that was provided was a disappointment but it is what it is. So i grab the ali express EUC pads from my Ks18 but another issue was those ali express pads was one piece for each leg and my connundrum was with ks18 Kingson and decided to stay leaperkim Patton. More context- EUC riders over 100 yrs old will be s facebook group banned within 2 days of being a group because founding member died after couple of hrs and the other members are missing after the first group ride. Old people tend to wander of so some can manage but most needs constant supervision. Okay what was the subject again “hey this is not my beautiful house my god how did i get here” Talking heads circa 1980s. KS18 that wheel was shit the body disintegrated as soon as it hits the road good thing the wheel has a core but and it does not help that my learning to ride EuC happen a year ago and my test area was the. Basement and move to the backyard close to the fence and ground long enough to run the wheel and free of snow. Two weeks of this then the the kuji rolls you tube of him teaching this other person to ride and i swear she was solo on the wheel after a few minutes or the you tube time compression of 4 hrs at the most. This did not make me angry i calmly grab the Ks18 out of the guitar stand / EUC stand put on my safety gear and it did not matter that ot was close tp 3 am the witching hour / those witches better watch out and i hope their wearing safety gear ( Eevees has them in sale ) first night was excilarating and i did okay but i had to cut the experiemce short due to a first ever drone experience (another story) back to the story the realisation of riding the EUC for the first time is nothing short of a religious experience and then it hit me right on the corner of applewood dr and applemead crt. was a patch of ice with my name on it. The lifetime of the ks18 flash before my very eyes. Plastic was all over the street and it seems that i was unharmed until the next day the wheel was no more. ( what do i know first wheel first time learning) and i am happy to be able to walk off my first major crash. After clearing the debris field i realized i also lost the iphone. My only means of communicating to the home planet is gone. How can i ask for extraction and i recall that i still have the earlier version of my iphone and of the apps that seems to be a useless until you need it. The app that saved the day was “find my” it works great and located the iphone on the Lam.The phone was underwater on an area that was ice a few hours and now liquid i think they call that spooky action no idea what theory is. Ok enough no more tangents that seems to go nowhere. Anyways that experience sorta gave me a bias against Kingsong wheels (this is unfair i am pretty sure kingsong manufactures wheels that last two wipe out and quality parts that fits (fact checker) That last statement has no basis. Finally i think i can see an image that resemble a point. I covetted the Patton since it came out for review. I wonder if the families of the american five star general / world war two hero is aware of the use of their family name being use on a chinese made mqchine. So for comparison my ks18 has a narrower body and lower placement of pedal resulting for a wheel that is not prone ro wabble (wabble occurs when the wheel is uneven or when wheel is rotating at higher speeds on a surface or not) the color of the wable will indicate if your last day on earth was wasted on cheap wheel, Black whole means unlikely survived this upcoming crash because instead of trying to control the wheel you are looking downward to see what color it is you are making the wheel more unbalance and unsafe. Blue wable is less dangerous and could be mitigated by age old relaxing practice known generally. So after painstaking repair and a little facelift “iode” is up and running. I desided not too bring back iode to its former looks its.checked what ither riders was using and first generation pads was yoga blocks from amason.its hard cut this yogablocks for uniformity and ended up as bumpers for Iode.i came across this inexpensive pads from ali express. They worked great on iode. And then the Patton came… Rider adju...

The Patton

Super plush suspension with the build quality of a tank & riding nimbleness of a ninja, what more could you ask for?

Jim Yee
Very happy and satisfied owner

This is my first wheel, so the one I also learned on. What I can say is that it's so much fun and offers a super smooth ride. I have the 70 lbs suspension on it and haven't bottomed out once so far on stairs (I'm about 180 lbs). It's solid, built like a tank, I don't feel worried at all if I have to bail on the wheel, it will take the tumble and be totally fine. It's hefty enough to feel super solid, but still light enough to pick up and throw in the back of my SUV for travel. I love that I can take this wheel on the road or on trails, it's fast enough for my riding style, yet technical enough if I want to get into the really challenging offroad paths. I also love the fact that this wheel will meet all my needs for years to come. If I do decide to go up to a 20 inch wheel (for more range etc.), I will always keep this as my day to day rider. The last thing I'll mention that is great is that it has a small enough profile that I can park it in the corner of ... anywhere. Get one! You won't be disappointed :)

Blue Service
Lots of fun, not good wheel for beginners though!

This is a good wheel and I'm enjoying it a ton that said it's NOT a good beginner wheel. Check your screws when you get them just about lost the headlight after the screws worked out! Very fast, very heavy.

richard samford
Badass Wheel but not perfect

Torque, form factor, and feel are all 5 stars, but not all rainbows and unicorns. The suspension is noticeably easier to bottom out than my sherman s using the same 66lb spring. Shorter travel needs stiffer options for us bigguns.