Veteran Sherman-S

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Veteran Sherman-S

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Top Speed
80 km/h
Real Range
100-120 km
3600Wh @ 100V
Water Rating
Very Good
Adjustable Fork

When the best of all time gets even better.

**Please select which suspension type you would like. 62lb suspension (recommended for most riders) is a moderate suspension best for riders below 220lbs (100kg). 66lb suspension is a stiffer suspension best for riders above 220lbs (100kg). Don't forget to factor in all gear you will be wearing while riding!**

The venerable Veteran Sherman is ready for its suspension close up! Always known as one of the best long range cruisers, the addition of highly tuneable suspension makes the Veteran Sherman-S a truly luxurious ride. You get a powerful 3000W high torque motor, the same long range 3600WH battery as the Sherman Max (up to 120km Real Range), centre mounted Fastace suspension with 90mm of travel and rebound control plus a whole host of other premium upgrades. 

The Veteran line has always been known for its reliability, ease of repair, and robustness of build. The Sherman-S more than continues this tradition and brings lots of extras to the party: integrated seat, hidden walking handle, adjustable length magnesium alloy pedals, rear projecting lasers, reinforced rim and magnesium shell protecting your batteries and internals. The Sherman-S really the perfect big wheel for nearly every rider out there. 

For a $50 setup & package recycling fee we will fully assemble your Sherman-S so you can ride it straight out the door!

**This current batch includes the upgraded pedals, new trolley handle, upgraded seat design and extra buzzer.**

**Every Veteran Sherman-S ships with a set of Large Power Pads.**

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Product specifications

Weight limit
Turn signals
Battery cells
Samsung 50E
8hr @ 5A
Dual charge ports
Peak power
Max grade




20" x 4"
Rim Size
Pedal type
Pedal size
5.1" x 11-13"
Lift switch
22" x 28" x 8"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Greg Sidof
Sherman S

Such a great wheel. It’s my first. So much fun. Thanks Eevee’s. Wheel came fast fully charged and ready to ride right out the box. I recommend you buy from Eevee’s.

Philip Cox
Awesome wheel

The Sherman S is a joy to ride, the suspension is plush and the range has never let me down.

For riders that like to sway!

150lbs rider (200 with gear), 62lbs suspension.

I love this wheel! The height takes a short time to get used to, but it rewards you with smoother control of random speed wobbles (the speed wobbles end up slower and easier to control). The suspension does a great job for my weight, and the adjustability is so quick that I only need to use a keychain flathead screwdriver to adjust it on-the-go.

My range is a theoretical 90 miles if I ride carefully, but I've made a 55-mile round trip while going up to 36mph for one third of the trip (with a lot of hills), and I was returning home having just dropping below 30% battery (which is when I would recommend stopping to charge). It has been a great alternative when my car has a problem the day I need to head in to work.

The seat is definitely too low. I have long legs, so I wrapped a yoga block in gorilla tape, strapped on some velcro, and solved the issue.

I'd highly recommend the seat kit, as you can mount the seat on top of yoga block (with some modifications to the yoga block), and the suspension covers maximize comfort.

I will admit, a 100v battery system provides a bit of a slower acceleration curve than I'd like (my Veteran Sherman accelerates and stops much quicker), but I guess thats the trade-off for the good range. I'd love to see a 126v Sherman S+ in the future.

I'd highly recommend a folding ramp (ones for dogs with well), since the 100lbs of this wheel can get fatiguing to pick up into car trunks.

As for tires, the stock off-road tire does not do the wheel justice; the Kenda tire doesn't allow comfortable, consistent leaning on-road. For a better (and cheap) tire, buy a Shinko 244 (2.75-14). It has street tire-like agility while allowing you to ride off-road and trolley the wheel up steps in the rain.

Lastly, I've gotta give major props to the Eevees team. I bought the second batch, which meant I had the original trolley handle and the adjustable pedals (the screw holes of which stripped easily), plus some other things that were improved upon in later batches. I was surprised to find that, without needing to ask, the Eevees team shipped me an upgrade kit, free of charge! That is customer service I can get behind!

Conrad Brisebois
I crashed

It's so much better then I thought, about 1000km already. Might have to get back to you about damage when I determine what is damaged. Wow though this machine is at a whole new level all on its own. So stable, so powerful, should have gotten stiffer suspension because it is easily bottomed out. Still amazing suspension. Ttly

Veteran sherman s

Great wheel, had some issues with the delivery date changing from May to June (which was one of the reasons I ordered when I did). Also I never received my power pads which were supposed to come with the wheel. When I spoke to Eevee's they told me since I spent more at their store (buying grizzla flow pads, plus side pads and seat) they didn't think I needed or wanted them (still waiting). The wheel is great, but dealing with eevee's after spending 12000.00 with them (no discount, no pads, etc) I wouldn't recommend.